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Including bank fraud, money laundering, banking law, banking litigation, banking regulation, commercial banking, commercial credit, exchange control, foreign exchange, holding companies, letters of credits, loans, secured lending etc.

Shipping and Admiralty Law:

Including diving and offshore injuries, inland navigation, international maritime law, marine disasters, marine insurance, maritime arbitration, maritime negligence, ship cargo claims, ship collisions, ship leasing, ship management, ship mortgages, ship registration, ship building.

Alternative Dispute Resolution:

Including domestic arbitration, international arbitration, mediation and conciliation.

Appellate Practice:

Including civil, criminal and company appeals etc.


Including Bankruptcy litigation, commercial insolvency, insolvency, international bankruptcy, liquidation, personal bankruptcy, receivership, recovery etc.

Business Law:

Including business litigation, business organization, business planning, business regulation, business taxation, business transfers, economic laws, family business laws, industrial law, international joint ventures, joint venture etc.

Commercial Law:

Including commercial arbitration, commercial crimes, commercial dispute resolutions, commercial fraud, commercial litigation, commercial mediation, negotiable instruments, sale of goods, secured transactions, trade etc.

Company Law:

Including company acquisition and sale, fraud on minority company administration, company contracts, company formation, company registration, opening of liaison and branches, etc.

Constitutional Law:

Writ petition, Habeas corpus

Construction Law:

Including construction arbitration, construction contracts, construction and engineering contract, construction insurance, construction litigation etc.


Including copyright infringement, copyright registration etc.

Corporate Law:

Including corporate banking law, corporate commercial law, corporate contract, corporate insolvency, corporate litigation, corporate partnership, corporate real estate, corporate recovery, corporate registration, incorporation etc.

Environmental Law:

Including contamination law, environmental crimes, environmental liability, environmental litigation, gas pollution, hazardous materials and waste, oil pollution, pesticide regulation, pollution, soil pollution, waste disposal, water quality etc.

Family Law:

Including divorce, family mediation, marital property law, marriage contract, matrimonial law, separation agreement etc.


Including commercial insurance, compensation claims, general liability, indemnity, insurance coverage, insurance litigation, insurance regulation, life insurance, motor vehicle insurance etc.

Intellectual Property:

Including designs, design rights, industrial models and designs, industrial property, industrial property protection, industrial property rights, intellectual property infringement, intellectual property licensing, intellectual property litigation, intellectual property protection, intellectual property rights etc.

Labour Law:

Including employment litigation, industrial relations and all sorts of disputes regarding the employment of labour, their termination and dismissal etc.


Including all kinds of patents.


Including international trademark, passing off, trade secrets, trademark arbitration, trademark infringement, trademark litigation, trademark prosecution, trademark registration etc.

Public Law:

Including Local government highways, rating, environmental, markets, parliamentary, civil liberties, public health, licensing, immigration, extradition, nationality, air, public inquiries and all areas of judicial review.