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Client Care Policy and Quality Assurance

In order to ensure quality legal services to the satisfaction of our clients, the firm has taken the policy of attaining client satisfaction through professional excellence. We are committed for pursuit of technical excellence and committed to develop excellent quality and skill in our chosen fields of practice. We are always keen to uphold the spirit of fairness and professional integrity. We sincerely attempt to provide our legal advisory services in an innovative, resourceful, constructive and professional manner. We also pursue both internally and externally for the long-term reputation of the firm through investing individual as well as collective capability and by way of building a supportive environment, which encourages openness and comfort to the clients.
Quality of service provided is regularly monitored by the Head of Chambers and we will strive to follow a policy of continual improvement in our services. Progress in achieving this will be reviewed at the annual Chambers Meeting and regularly by the members.

Integrated services and hi-tech professional facilities

The firm is established with the aim of providing high quality professional legal services, which includes access to the online case management profile, online legal advise, central case database, etc. which is in progress.

Commitment for Change

The firm is also aimed at bringing changes in the traditional/conventional client handling and case management method. We continue to experiment and invest our effort to improve the existing archaic client care and case management method. We are also committed to adopt innovative approach in creating a congenial, easy and comfortable working environment with a view to maximize the quality of the legal services to our clients. We are also committed to ensure that our lawyers strictly follow the canons of professional conduct and etiquette.