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  1. Bangladesh Bank
  2. AB Bank Limited
  3. IFIC Bank Limited
  4. The City Bank Ltd.
  5. South East Bank Limited
  6. Prime Bank Limited
  7. Jamuna Bank Limited
  8. ICB Islamic Bank Limited
  9. Shahjalal Islami Bank Limited
  10. Trust Bank Limited
  11. The Premier Bank Limited

Group of Companies :

  1. Jamuna Group of Companies
  2. Akij Group of Companies
  3. Phoenix Group of Companies
  4. Partex Group of Companies
  5. Meghna Group of Companies
  6. Shahjalal Group of Companies
  7. Transcom Group of Companies
  8. Prime Group of Companies
  9. Apollo Group
  10. Saybolt Group
  11. Aftab Group of Companies

Corporate and Government bodies:

  1. Mirpur Ceramic Works Limited
  2. Khadim Ceramics Limited
  3. Korean EPZ (KEPZ) BD Corporation Limited
  4. Assurance Developments Limited
  5. Sonali Jute Mills Ltd.
  6. Investment Corporation of Bangladesh
  7. Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh
  8. Padma Oils Limited
  9. Flora Telecom Ltd
  10. Universal Health Services and Research Limited
  11. Lakeshore Hotels and Apartments Ltd
  12. Dhaka Telephone Company Limited
  13. HP Chemicals Limited
  14. National Civil Engineers Limited
  15. Venture Investment Partners Bangladesh Ltd.
  16. Cellular Trading Co. Limited
  17. Bashati Bay Resort Ltd.
  18. Hyperion Builders Limited.
  19. B. K. Capital Management Limited
  20. ENA Properties Limited
  21. Ministry of Establishment
  22. Multimode Ltd.
  23. QC Shipping Company Ltd.
  24. BRB Cables Ltd.
  25. AES Haripur Ltd.
  26. AES Meghnaghat Ltd.

Foreign clients:

  1. Patimas International Sdn Berhad, Malaysia
  2. Westminster Foundation for Democracy (WFD), U.K.
  3. AES Corporation Ltd. USA
  4. World Bank

Individual Clients

Apart from the above corporate clients Law Matrix has more than 500 individual clients in various sectors.